I Served my Country as a Waiter



A served country is a beautiful thing. Have you served your country? like to walk around and thank people for their service. Usually, I do this in restaurants. This is the perfect grocery tote bag for waiters, waitresses and bartenders.

It also makes a weird gift for the catering waiter that you love.

A classic, all-purpose natural cotton tote.

Have you served your country as a waiter or waitress? If so, thank you for your service. Are you actively serving your country? If so, read this wiki article on how to Earn More Tips.

This funny tote is super strong. The handles are nice and sturdy. You can’t go wring with this bag. It’s strong enough to hold just about anything.

Cute black & white design with a handsome waiter. We offer silly tote bags and we’re trying to save the planet.

We deal with serious subjects but we don’t lie to be overly serious. To learn more about Earth Possible, go to our FAQ Page.

If you know a catering waiter or waitress that has “served my country”, then send them the link. He or She will definitely appreciate it.

I am a former waiter and that’s what inspired us to make this illustrious Grocery Tote. Plastic bags are dumb.

Even if you buy another tote from this site or another site, don’t use plastic bags. It’s 2017, so familiarize yourself with the problems with plastic bags.

• 100% Tough Bull Denim Woven Cotton construction
• Dimensions: 14 3/8" x 14" (36.5cm x 35.6cm)
• Dual handles….duh
• Fabric weight 13.0 oz/yd² (440 g/m²)
• Made in the beautiful USA

A served country feels good about itself. Cater to the needs of your country. It doesn’t matter if you are a buffet waiter or a fancy restaurant waitress. Just remember, you don’t have to join the army to serve country.

Joining the army is braver but at least you bravely bring more focaccia to the table.

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