make the world a better place

The whole point of this earth possible is to make the world a better place. The number one way that we do this is by listing solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

Many people talk about making the world a better place? Who has the specific ideas? They don’t have to be your original ideas.

Maybe you read an awesome article somewhere. One of my favorite sources is Pop Sci.

Pop sci always has the best new innovations. The time for wishing that the world will be ameliorated is over.

It’s time for super specific actions. I know that you have some wonderful innovations bubbling inside of your bran.

Share your ideas with the world. It’s about time. We’ve been waiting to hear from you. You can also drop me a note with comments and suggests for the site.

I’m always looking for ways to improve the site. I may even offer you some incentives for posting.

What is the ultimate goal of this site? The goal is to create the ultimate directory of solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

We will then present the site to politicians and decision makers. Sometimes, politicians don’t have the most amazing imaginations.

Earth Possible does the work for them. Our solutions are imaginative and sometimes have the data to prove the efficacy.

There is only one section of the site that most politicians will keep away from. We have a politically incorrect store that’s filed with Funny Gifts.

Something tells me that our ICES Not ISIS bag will not go over well with a politician.

We have to pay the bills somehow while we try to make the world a better place.

I appreciate the comments that people have been leaving recently. I know that you also want to make the world a better place.

I appreciate both positive and negative comments. Both of them help the search engines : )

make the world a better place

Update: People have been asking me why I sell Crazy Shirts

They want to know what crazy shirts have to do with a site that is trying to make the world a better place. n fact, some of the shirts seem counter productive to the goal of the site.

First of all, the only thing that I personally don’t like about the shirts is that they are not organic. I almost didn’t offer them.

In the future, I will offer organic tees. I can’t offer them now because my supplier is a moron. they stopped offering organic shirts after American Apparel ran into trouble.

I hate offering tees made from conventional cotton. I consider taking them down every day! I sent many emails to my supplier. The place is so stupid. They told me that it is not a priority for them at this time.

It’s 2017 and the world is filled with pesticides. When will it be a good time?

In order to balance their stupidity, I plant a tree with every purchase and use water based inks. I also offer Unisex Shirts in order to create less waste. It fits well on gents and ladies.

Also, I did t shirts way before this site. It’s how I used to make my living and I hate working. It’s out there to generate some income and plant trees.

That partially explains why I sell conventional cotton. However, the main question that I get is about why I offer crazy shirts.

Why don’t I offer strictly positive shirts? First of all, I don’t think political correctness is a good thing. Anyway, these designs are tame compared to what I used to come up with for T Shirt Hell.

Also, most of these shirts were designed before this site existed. You may not find them funny but hopefully you’ll find them thought provoking.

I’m working on some mew designs without words. Get ready for the coolest leggings, totes & shirts that you’ve ever seen.

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