Know of a Solution to a Crisis?

Post your ideas here.  If you want to “save the world”….. then this is the site for you.  I am over the term “save the world” but you know what I mean.

This site is only about solutions.  The solutions to almost every crisis on earth already exists.  Help me compile the best of the best ideas!

Once the best solutions are consolidated, we can send this site to decision makers that need ideas.  Some politicians want to “change the world” too but they lack creativity and ideas.  As a result, there good intentions don’t go anywhere special.

There may be a car manufacturer out there that doesn’t know that solar cars are possible.

Take a look through the site.  Look at some of the solutions that have already been posted.  I get so many fake user sign ups on this site.  I’d like to see more real people posting real solutions.  This has the potential to literally be the best site on the internet.

There is no gloom and doom allowed here.  This site is focused on solutions only!!

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