Kevin Liles kinda looks like Russell Simmons

This website is dedicated to clear solutions to world challenges.  This post is not about a solution though.  It’s about something that I’d like to see in this world.  It’s sort of a solution but not really because the path is not clear.

Anyway, FOX News and CNN both mistook Kevin Liles for Russell Simmons at the Baltimore protests.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then look at this article.

Twitter went crazy because they thought these reporters were racist.  People assumed that the reporters thought that all black people look the same.   See video below:

Personally, I want to live in a time when this is not considered racist.  In a post racist world, this would just be considered stupid.  Notice, neither of them think that every black person there looks Russell Simmons.

They only think it about the guy that kinda looks like Russell Simmons.  It’s mostly because of the hat.  Anyway, doesn’t this prove that they don’t think that all black people look alike.

Yesterday, a Ecuadorian guy said that I looked like Al Pacino.  I don’t look that much like Al Pacino.  I kinda do but not really.  I don’t consider that racist.

If I were black, I wouldn’t think that the CNN and FOX guys were racists.  There are a million legitimate reasons to think that they are idiots.  This is not one of them!


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