Good Things on Earth are Always Happening

Good things are always happening on Earth.  BIG breakthroughs and huge seeds are being planted at all times.  Read

Don’t get caught too emotionally invested in who won the election.  Don’t get too emotionally invested in who won a sports game.

Big things are on the horizon?  Flying firefighter are already putting out fires.  Futuristic and clever things abound.

Did you know that a company in the Dominican Republic harnesses blue scorpion poison for health benefits? The jury is still out whether or not it’s real.  The patients swear by it but who knows.

Stop saying that the world is ending.  We are just going through a transition.

There are some cool things happening.    We are building colonies on other planets.  Jackfruit is available on the East Coast.

That might be bad though.  That means pipelines were being supported instead of buying local food.

Okay, maybe things are falling apart.  Just kidding, things are still awesome!


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