Funny Animal Rights Shirts

Hi, we proudly present a line of quirky shirts for animal rights activists. Fight fire with humor with some of the most sarcastic vegan humor memes and apparel anywhere on Earth!

Animal Justice shirts often look like heavy metal merchandise. They are usually black and humorless.

Enjoy your Seitan buffalo wings in style! These garments are perfect to wear anywhere that will run into “Bros” and “Chads.”

Chads and Bros are less likely to be vegan. They are more likely to be offended. That’s ok, these organic tops will break their hearts just the right amount.

98% of Bros that read our vegan humor tees become vegan within 2 weeks Studies have proven this!

If you are a Guy, and buying a “unisex” top, I recommend buying one size bigger.

Wise Man

Each of these quality tops are printed on plush organic cotton.

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