Q What is EarthPossible.com?

Earth Possible was created for every person who has ever said: “I want to change the world”.   Earth Possible challenges you to be specific.  It’s admirable to want to change the world but how do you want to do it?  If you have a specific solution, then post it on Earth Possible.

Earth Possible is the #1 directory for solutions and ideas for today’s unprecedented challenges.  Most news sites focus on today’s problems.  We all know what the problems are.  What most people do not know are the solutions and alternatives that are available.  Once we know the solutions and answers then we must have the courage to embrace a new reality.

Q  I don’t have any solutions to a world problem yet.  How can I use Earth Possible?

Simply browse through our ideas.  Send and spread any ideas that resonate with you.  Posting them on your social networks is a great start.  Implement solutions that make sense.  You can also send this directory to people that are in positions of power.  For example, you can send solutions to a politician that may need these ideas.  Basically, sharing solutions and implementing them is what this site is about.  We do not want people to simply philosophize about these ideas at the water cooler.  This site is about action!

Q  I found a “solution” on your site that wouldn’t work in real life.  What should I do?

If you find a solution with zero merit, email it to me and I will delete it.  Take the following into consideration though.

I do not claim that every idea on here is the ultimate solution.  I wish they were.  In some cases, it is.  For example, water powered automobiles do eliminate the problems associated with gasoline.  However, not every “solution” is as definitive and I can appreciate that.

For the purposes of this site, a “solution” still has merit even if it is only a step in the right direction.  For example, you may find a post that has useful aspects but not the complete solution.  The person posting the idea may think that the whole idea is amazing but it’s not.  The workable aspects may inspire you to create an entirely new idea.

For example, think about software.  They often come in versions.  Each version is better than the previous one.  Sometimes, the initial version of the idea needs fine tuning.  This is where your comments come in very handy!

A voting feature is coming soon NOW that will allow people to vote on ideas.

Q  What are “sponsored ideas”?  These are postings that members pay for.  Sponsored  ideas are featured more prominently.

Q  How much are sponsored ideas?  They cost $16 and I plant 9 trees with every purchase.  I am a very big fan of Trees For The Future!