Funny Animal Rights Shirts

Hi, we proudly present a line of quirky shirts for animal rights activists. Fight fire with humor with some of the most sarcastic vegan humor […]

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Good News Network

We are not the good news network. Shout out to the good news network but we are different.  Some people do not understand the focus […]

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make the world a better place

The whole point of this earth possible is to make the world a better place. The number one way that we do this is by […]

Good Things on Earth are Always Happening

Good things are always happening on Earth.  BIG breakthroughs and huge seeds are being planted at all times.  Read Don’t get caught too emotionally […]

Kevin Liles kinda looks like Russell Simmons

This website is dedicated to clear solutions to world challenges.  This post is not about a solution though.  It’s about something that I’d like to […]

Things will be ok after WWIII

Everybody keeps talking about how terrible the state of the world is. It’s gotta be like this in preparation for the mass revelation!!  What do […]

Know of a Solution to a Crisis?

Post your ideas here.  If you want to “save the world”….. then this is the site for you.  I am over the term “save the […]

Earth Possible Featured on NBC

Ok, that’s not true at all.  Hopefully, I’ll get this site some major media once it’s perfected.  Still working on the design and functionality. In […]

Do you want to change the world?  Everybody says that they want to change the world.  On this site, you must be specific though. We […]