Teen Invents Flashlight Powered by Body Heat


Teen invents flashlight powered by body heat.  Below is a video of a bright teen that invented a flashlight that is powered by body heat.  This is an amazing solution for people that want to cut down on their use of batteries.

I’m not sure exactly how bright this gets.  There are definitely battery powered flashlights that offer brighter light than this.  However, it would be ideal to own both.

This is an ingenious way to converge energy.  I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing this on shelves in the not too distant future.

I should have put my energy towards something positive when I was her age.  At least I am doing it now.  It’s amazing to think that human being are a power source.

I wonder what else we can achieve with this?  What if we can make human powered cars!  Personally, I think this is cooler than wind and solar.

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  1. Spearmint Minty Fresh says:

    One teen invented a flashlight? I think you need a team for that!

    Seriously though, I need one of these. I need one of these to find another one of these!

  2. Spearmint says:

    Teen Invents A New Way of going to school. Hover boards are on the way!

  3. Nicer Slicer says:

    I need one of these flashlights. I’m gonna eat spicy food in a sauna on a hot day first. I wanna be super hot and shine it super bright. I want to reach the stars!

  4. I like your style. This website is actually a pretty cool idea. I think you should broaden it however. I don’t know if solutions to the world’s problems is always possible.

    Don’t some things just not have solutions?

  5. Teen invents heat powered flashlight. That is pretty spectacular! That is something that can save a life. I recommend it to all the nutty doomsday prep people.

    I just wonder what happens if you get sick and have a temperature. Holy Moly! What if the light gets too bright and blinds someone. Just kidding. I know that wouldn’t happen.

    I just think this eco friendly flashlight is super duper cool. It’s quite inventive. So many people talk about free energy but this is the real deal!

  6. I took a look around your site. This is my favorite post so far. Do you post them yourself or are these other people?

    The flashlight is pretty cool. Now, they need to make heat powered everything. We need heat powered cars. Heat Powered radios and Heat Powered Roller Coasters would be cool too.

    I wish that I was as smart as her at that stage in my life. I was stealing berries from the local clinic at that age. I stole berries from the local clinic from age 12 to 15.

    I was a wild children.

  7. I know flashlights. Trust me, I am a guy that knows flashlights. I’d like to see something a little more powerful.

    Still, this would come in handy in many situations. Especially when I pick up Eric from the store. I like hitting him over the head with free energy flashlights for sale!

  8. The Flashlight Lantern says:

    I have to admit, this flashlight does look pretty awesome. I love flashlights and things like that which don’t need batteries.

    If a battery dies during an emergency, what are you going to do? This item should in every survivalist’s household.

    If you are concerned about WWIII than get this. All you need is a warm body and the ability to hold a flashlight.

    It can help you find important things in the dark. Now you don’t have to go to sleep without finding your organic soy chocolate candy bar!

  9. The return of shuma says:

    I once saw a clock that was powered by a potato. This reminds me of that level of innovation. Free energy is the way to go.

    The headline says something like: “Teen invents Flashlight that runs on body heat.” That’s impressive but I’d rather see a tween that can invent a toaster that runs on thoughts.

    Hey, anything is possible!

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