Teen Invents Flashlight Powered by Body Heat


Teen invents flashlight powered by body heat.  Below is a video of a bright teen that invented a flashlight that is powered by body heat.  This is an amazing solution for people that want to cut down on their use of batteries.

I’m not sure exactly how bright this gets.  There are definitely battery powered flashlights that offer brighter light than this.  However, it would be ideal to own both.

This is an ingenious way to converge energy.  I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing this on shelves in the not too distant future.

I should have put my energy towards something positive when I was her age.  At least I am doing it now.  It’s amazing to think that human being are a power source.

I wonder what else we can achieve with this?  What if we can make human powered cars!  Personally, I think this is cooler than wind and solar.

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