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Solar Roadways – This Needs to Happen

If you’ve never heard of solar roadways, then you should check out their website at: Their website will help answer all of your many questions about solar roadways, but here’s the short version of what they are and why this needs to happen.

1. Clean energy.

Enough said. If all of the roads in the United States are replaced by solar roadways, then the US will be producing 3 times the amount of energy it currently is, which is more than enough to provide clean energy for every family in every house in the United States.

2. Safer roadways.

Solar roadways are made of a special material that is made to withstand up to 250,000 pounds and will not break. That means no potholes damaging cars. Plus, they heat up in cold temperatures to melt ice and snow which means no black ice or other dangerous winter driving conditions. If that wasn’t enough, they also have pressure sensors that can alert drivers to animals, trees, stalled cars, and other obstructions that are up ahead.

3. Multi-purpose.

Every solar roadway panel is fitted with an array of LED-lights, so once they’re in place, there’s no need to pull them out to rearrange them. This is especially useful in parking lots, so that the configuration of the parking lot can be changed if the needs of the parking lot change, or in basketball courts that can be changed to ball hockey courts as needed. They can also easily redirect traffic in the event of accidents or other changes in road use.

 4. Job creation.

The creators of these solar roadways plan on keeping everything local, which means a number of jobs can be created in the manufacturing industry and in the construction industry. Because this will be a long term project occurring over a number of years as parking lots, residential roads, and then highways are all systematically converted into these solar roadways, it will create long-term jobs for hundreds of people.

5. Save money.

Solar roadways would not only save money, but would also more than pay for themselves in several ways. They would not only cover energy costs for themselves and surrounding buildings, but they would also eliminate the need for salt and plow trucks during the winter months. For the average citizen, solar roadways help you save money by reducing wear and tear on your car and by lowering risks of accidents.


For every reason listed above and so many more, this needs to happen in the future. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable, safer, money-saving, and job-creating. The best part is that it is real and doable, so check out their website to see how you can get involved to help change the world for the better with solar roadways:


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