Solar Powered Private Jets


It’s been shown that private jets are not fuel efficient.  They release huge amounts of CO2 into the environment.  Even if CO2 emissions don’t lead to global warming, it’s still not good.

Solar Powered Private Jets are Here.

I don’t want to breathe in yucky fuel emissions.   Solar powered commercial airlines don’t seem like they on the horizon.  Eventually, there will be eco friendly commercial airlines.  They don’t exist currently however.

I came across a company called  SOLAR IMPULSE today.  It seems like they may be on the verge of creating solar powered private planes.

One of the people in the video is Larry Page.  It’s interesting to note, because many people have slammed google for their private jets.

Anyway, this idea rocks!  The best part is that they are already flying them.  This is not theoretical nonsense.  The solution is here now.

Soon, rich people won’t be clogging up our skies  :  )


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