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The issue of having a sustainable world energy order is something that the energy players in the world are concerned about. This is due to the fact that the major energy sources that the world depends on have got several problems associated with it. The world depends on fossil fuels for majority of its energy needs and as we all know it fossil fuels cause the gravest pollution in the planet. Fossil fuels will also become extinct at some point in the near future due to the fact that it a non-renewable energy resource. There is also another not so famous energy source that is mostly exploited by the developed countries and that is nuclear fuel. Energy got from nuclear fuel comes with so many disadvantages just to name a few such as where to dispose its hazardous waste, cost of putting up nuclear plants etc.
The world needs to move to embracing new sources of energy that are not degrading to the environment and are also sustainable. Some of the alternative energy sources that the world could turn will solve the world energy problems include the following energy sources;
Solar energy as an alternative source of energy to energy extracted from fossil fuels is even bigger and clean. Solar energy if well harnessed could easily supply the world’s energy needs effectively and efficiently. The advantage with solar power is that it easy to capture because it falls directly on the earth’s surface. You will only need to capture a small percentage of solar power that will be enough to meet the current world energy needs. The only major impediment to solar power extraction could be the high cost of making solar cells and also dependability on weather patterns to generate electricity. But in all solar energy remains one of the best alternative energy sources that could power the world in the future.
Wind power is another green energy source that is often overlooked by the world but has a huge potential to provide considerable percentage of energy to the world. Countries should invest on building wind generators to produce electricity as a way of moving away from dependence on oil generated energy. Wind generators do not in any way pollute the environment the way the more expensive oil generators that produce electricity does to the environment. Another advantage with wind power is that once the wind generators have been installed they produce power for free.
Electricity has been produced by means of tidal power since 2005. The source of energy however limited due to its complex nature and cost of development could still offer alternative energy to fossil fuel energy because it also renewable.
Geothermal power is also a very significant energy resource that can help provide the world with considerable energy. There are off course other forms of renewable sources of energy such as biomass fuel and hydropower that if fully exploited will help supply the world energy needs and reduce our over dependence on fossil fuel energy.

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