Smog Eating Plant Buildings in China


Mirror, mirror on the wall… No, wait, what? This time it’s trees on the wall. Yes, you read that right. There’s gonna be trees on the wall. Just like in Italy and Switzerland.

China is creating smog eating towers that are made out of plants!

We all know this thing called “smog”, right? Well, China’s got a lot of it. And someone has to do something about it because it’s killing people and plants and trees. And guess what? Someone did. And that someone is an Italian architect. He designed two towers for the Chinese town Nanjing.

The towers will be covered with about 1,100 trees and over 2,500 different bushes and plants. And as we’re talking in numbers, this would be sufficient to produce 60 kg of oxygen per day! This is a very wanted result, as the air in China is quite unhealthy. Which we already knew of course, because why else would all these Chinese people be walking around with masks? Exactly. So as the third city to get this, they are very lucky.

The two towers will be 354 and 656 feet tall, which sounds just right for the amount of trees it will carry, right? And to make the project even more complete, one of the towers will hold and architecture school. Other facilities are a hotel, offices and a museum. So that means plenty of reason to pay a visit!

And then hopefully, in a couple of years, we won’t see all these Chinese people with masks anymore.

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