The Ultimate Intentional Community Directory


This is the ultimate list of Intentional Communities.  Many people  are “over” their everyday lives.  Yet, they feel “locked” into the very lives that frustrate them.  Welcome to the world of Intentional Communities.

There are thousands of Intentional Communities and the numbers keep climbing.  Each community has a different focus.

Click here to view the Intentional Community Directory!

It is really worth taking your time when looking at this directory.  Choosing the right community is a huge choice.  I am a big fan of intentional communities.

Like many people, I was born into a culture that I did not choose.  As you grown, many realize that there are choices.  There are other cultures.  With intentional communities, you can partially create your own culture.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Intentional Communities.  Personally, I feel like they are the future.  Once Intentional Communities become mainstream, there is no turning back!

Here is a video that I found about Intentional Communities.  Don’t get mad at me if it’s not amazing.  I didn’t even watch it.  The directory that I linked to above is comprehensive.  I can vouch for that link.  I’ve even spoken to the guy that runs that site…. good guy.

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