Intentional Communities are the Future!


Are you bored of normal life?  We all know the problems that come with living by “their rules”.  Intentional communities represent a new way of living.  Do you truly desire to live life on terms that you agree with?  Find the intentional community that is right for you.  Don’t see a community that is in accord with your own lifestyle?  Start your own intentional community.

Most people live in communities.  The problem is that there is a lack of community on many communities.  Intentional Communities have a shared goal and focus.  They can also be fun, beautiful and stimulating.

For some reason, many people have never heard of intentional communities.  They are not on the news as often as celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.  However, intentional community living is an amazing option to consider.

There are so many options.  Many are centered around community living, eco living, sustainable living, new business models religions etc…….

Every intentional community is unique.  There are thousands to choose from and that number grows daily.  As I mentioned earlier, you can also start your own.

This video is from a Ted Talk by an intentional community organizer.  It is very inspirational.  Hear about what he’s done in beautiful Costa Rica.

Don’t just read this and go back to your normal boring life.  I challenge you o embrace a new reality.  You no longer have to improve your current situation.  You can remove yourself and start a new situation.


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