How To Make A Whistle In The Woods



Want to learn a clever way to make a whistle? Imagine, you’re out in the woods for the weekend. Nice and warm with a small fire, singing songs with some friends and some beers. But then all of a sudden, BOOM, fire goes out for no apparent reason and everyone is silent and you feel like you’re in the middle of a horror-movie and every single noise you hear seems to be coming closer and closer…  A Whistle Might Help!  Want to know how to make a whistle in the woods?

Look in the horizon, there is your savior! You hear a motorbike in the far, far distance. All you want to do get this man’s (or lady’s) attention to come and rescue you and your friends. So you need some noise, or actually, a lot of it. Your heroic self comes up and you crab the lid of a can you just had food from, you get the large nail you carry in your pocket for emergencies like this and you take a decent rock from the ground.

Now here’s how to do it:
With all the adrenaline now going through your body, you will have enough strength to fold the metal piece in half, in the shape of a taco shell. And here comes the big trick: you take the big nail you carry around for no apparent reason and you find a spot on the can that is about half an inch away from the folded side.  You’re about to make a whistle.

Now get the rock and put all your adrenaline in the action of puncturing a hole at this exact place you just detected. There you go! And then you have a folded metal lid on a nail. Like a lollipop but then out of metal. And really sharp, so don’t start licking it. But we have to stay focused, we’re still terrified of all the noises and the man (or lady) on the motorbike is almost gone.

So now, get the nail out, place your tongue on the folded side and place your lips over the two holes (be aware of the sharp metal of course). And again with all your adrenaline, you whistle as loud as you can.

The man (or lady) on the motorbike hears you and comes your way. He or she accidentally has lots of matches, you make the fire back on and there, party saved and you can all enjoy the rest of the evening. Isn’t that awesome?!  You just learned how to make a whistle in the woods.  Making noise can potentially save your life.  It’s survivalism 101.  It comes in handy in an SOS situation.  Here are 50 other tips and tricks for surviving the outdoors.




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