Dignity Village – A Community by and for The Homeless


Dignity Village.  A community by and for the homeless.  Homelessness is a real problem.  It’s a problem  for the homeless and it’s a problem for the community.  Here’s one solution!  Let’s build little cities and villages for them.

Keep in mind, this is the first of it’s kind.  In the future, they will look even cuter!  Maybe they can have castles?

Homeless people need a place to call their own.  Living on the street is not the solution.  This may be the best intentional community that I have ever seen.

I can’t wait to see what these little cities look like in 50 years!  As amazing as this is, it can go much further.  The world is getting more and more beautiful every day.

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  1. Barry Pollack says:

    Dignity Village is pretty cool. Where did you find this? I work with homeless people and I’ve never heard of Dignity Village.

    I’ve always seen this for but I’ve never seen a program by the homeless.

    Pretty cool I pray that they all stay safe and there is no violence. Homeless communities can be unpredictable. One bad incident can tarnish an awesome image.

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