Cops arresting Cops


Ever seen a police brutality video?  What if cops arrested other cops instantaneously?  Not days late but arrest them on the spot!

This video shows a cop that got fired for stopping police brutality.  However, what if it there was a law that she can arrest the bad cop?

This woman’s story may have ended very differently.  She’d be looked at as a hero!!  Bad guys can be crooks or cops.  Let’s arrest all bad guys!

There is so much talk about police brutality these days.  There has always been talk about police brutality but even more so recently.

There are many solutions to reduce police brutality.  In this post, I will discuss one simple idea.  I think many people will agree that this is one viable solution.

Let me start out by saying that I LOVE COPS……. I mean good police work.  I’m not sure if my idea is legal but it should be.

Basically, my solution is for cops to be able to arrest cops.  I am not talking about arresting cops days or weeks after an incident.  They should be arrested on the spot by other cops.

It would really make cops think twice if they knew that there partner would arrest them.  It would make citizens feel safer if cops arrested each other.

Here is an example.  Let’s say 2 cops just apprehended a purse snatcher.  The suspect is already in cuffs and he is not resisting.  Then more cops rush in and one of them punches the cuffed suspect…. arrest him.

If the situation is under control and another cop becomes violent, I think the other cops should cuff him.  This may sound radical but let’s look at it from another angle.

What if he is cuffed and the victim runs over and kicks him?  That victim will likely be under arrest.  That’s because the victim just violated the suspect’s rights.

The victim would be arrested on the spot.  Cops don’t allow vigilante justice.  I have seen cops hit cuffed suspects.  Sometimes, they are arrested days or weeks after.  There is a process for arresting cops.

What if there were no lengthy process?  What if cops would arrest cops instantly?  I think this would make cops think twice.  Many would behave differently if they knew that someone from their precinct could arrest them.  Yep…. the guy you just had roll call with could put you in cuffs right away!

Think about how much trust civilians would have in the police if this were enforced.  There is a simple reason why many cops get away with brutalizing people.

While they are pummeling the individual, they are simultaneously screaming “stop resisting!”  We have heard this before.  We’re over it.  I’m not saying that suspects never resist arrest.  Duh…. of course they do.

However, we all know that sometimes cops beat suspects because emotions are running high.  They are not thinking rationally.  So they scream, “stop resisting” because they know that this gives them permission to fulfill their indulgence.

There are a few videos on youtube of cops arresting cops.  Here’s another one below.  They don’t react well when the tables are turned.  It’s kinda funny

Anyway, I do think that cops arresting cops is a good idea.  In reality it can get messy as the above videos demonstrate.  However, I believe that the more it happens, the easier it will become.   Most cops are good people that want to do the right thing.

Sometimes doing the right thing can be awkward or difficult.  I pray that they will use their bravery for good even if that means detaining other cops.  Doing the right thing is not always easy but I do believe in the police.



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