This Car Runs on WATER!!


This car runs on water!  Let’s stop pretending like we have to use gasoline.  Manufacturing cars that run on gasoline is a choice.  Cars can run on water!  This isn’t even new news by any stretch of the imagination.  This is old news.  For some reason, this news hasn’t made it’s way into the homes of your average consumer.

This video may not present the whole solution but it gives you a lot to think about.  This is the most eco friendly & green form of transportation that I’ve ever seen.

Send this link to as many people as you know.  Most importantly, email it to the biggest decision makers that you can imagine.  Send it to politicians,  celebrities, car manufacturers etc……..

Why do pop stars get a zillion views and this gets under a million?  Well, it’s under a million at the time of this posting.  Maybe it will go viral in the future.  Right now, it seems antiviral!

Who needs fossil fuels when we can use H20.  I am not a scientist.  Maybe there is something even more eco friendly than this.  Maybe a solar car is more eco friendly… I don’t know.  However, I am presenting this video because it seems like it’s at least part of the solution.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction.  If anybody knows how to make this or something similar, just do it!  Do what you can to get it out onto the marketplace.  Even if there is a group trying to suppress this, who cares.  They can’t win forever.  They were never really winning anyway.  We were all losing!

This could actually be the solution for people that complain about SUV vehicles etc….. What if we can have gas guzzlers that run on water?  What if we can have planes that run on water?  I’m pretty sure that the only thing more eco friendly than this is a magic carpet.




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