Alternative Economic Model, Pout Eco Village


Here is a link to a video that I found online.

Hey friend, you are viewing a short documentary on Pout eco-village, founded by Sheikh Aly N’Daw, the handsome head of the International Sufi School, who had a vision of an alternative sustainable economic model which furthers, first and most importantly, human development, and not profit-making.  Profit making takes a back seat!

As Sheikh (don’t worry, he’s not a terrorist) Aly explains in the movie, his inspiration for such an economic model has been the stories of peacemakers such as Gandhi, Muhammad Yunus, Wangari Mathaai, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, William Penn, amongst many others. They all created an economic model as a framework for everyone to learn how to be of service to their fellow human beings and in so doing, to reconnect with their own fundamental function as actors of their own development.

Pout eco-village, as an alternative economy by peaceful means, is an example that can be duplicated anywhere in the world. The cool thing is that it operates as a sustainable enterprise under the name of EcoPeace and is geared towards peacebuilding, socio-economic justice, sustainable farming and environmental protection.

Deeply rooted in nonviolence, it encourages a return to the planet for sustainable peace and community building as well as the training of the peacemakers who will live in the peace village. Those interested to discover and participate in the project are invited to stay in Pout eco-village for 2 full days for free.  I am not sure if this offer is still valid but it sounds amazing!

It’s a worthwhile visit.  Remember, this model can and should be reproduced & imitated.  You may be inspired by your visit & think of an even better alternative economic system.

It is time to start embracing a new type of economic model.  All we need is imagination!



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