Akon is going solar


Akon is going solar.  Ok, so there is a story that just came out about the rapper / awesome singer AKON.  Personally, I think he is a better singer than rapper.  Anyway, a story came out about him helping millions of rural homes go solar in Africa.

The story is that he lived in Senegal as a child.  When he was a kid there was no electricity.  As an adult, he visited his old village and they still had no electricity.

This is conventionally known as “whack” in the 2015.  However, one day they’ll appreciate how much longer they were in tune with nature than the rest of us.

Having electricity will open up many new opportunities.  Now, they can become programmers, day traders, entrepreneurs, help animals electronically etc…. The silly ones can even go on Fiverr and hold a sign in Africa.



I always knew AKON was a decent person.  From the day he came out, he had a special charm.  I’m glad that he was a facilitator for Africa receiving so many solar panels.

However, let’s not butter him up too too much.  He could not have done this without a chinese company called CGI (I think this is a link to CGI but not sure)

What Akon did do was put up his own money and then connect China and Africa.  China has been doing various business in Africa over the last decade (from what I hear)

This venture will be successful for sure.  Africa gets tons of sun.  Most days of the year are sunny.  The government can’t get electricity to those area anyway.  It’s a no brainer for a smart politician to allow this.  Especially considering that Akon put up the initial money.

In 10 – or 20 years, Africa will be developed and a hot spot for something.  More and more people will visit there.

In my opinion they should develop more eco tourism.  They should also poach the poachers.  Maybe Africa can develop a game where tourists are allowed to shoot poachers.  That would be successful.

The solar panels are kind of a pilot test.  This will spread to many parts of Africa over time.  Africa may become the solar capital of the world!  

This is a link to my favorite Akon song (mostly because of the hook) Writers: Akon, Bobby Vinton, Gene Allen
Producer Disco D (nice hook!)


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