A peaceful war


A peaceful war? What if having a war with another country didn’t involve killing?

It only sounds impossible due to your current points of reference.  Many people have a schema regarding what a war is supposed to look like.

In this article, I have embedded a video that shows what a war could look like.  Here’s the thing.  We are fighting for other people.

The ruling class rarely fights or kills each other (who can blame them?).  So, why should we?  I am not saying that we can’t compete for our country and causes.

Armies could compete instead of kill.  Imagine a combination of nationalism and athleticism.  Armies could compete in International competitions that decide international disputes.

Think about battle rappers for a second.  They don’t actually battle with weapons!  So, why should armies battle with weapons?

There are already rules of war.  Click on this link in order to better understand the laws of war!

The point is that we already have laws and limits.  Human beings agreed on these limits.  So, we can also agree on other limits.

Human beings could agree to make competitions solve our disputes.  If we implemented this for 75 years then the idea of traditional wars would seem like a bad idea.  Who would want to go back to killing?

I know ISIS isn’t going to choose air hockey over bullets.  However, sane leaders would prefer this.  They can sit in the VIP section while we compete.

Below is a visual of what this can look like in real life.  Remember, fighting with missiles is a choice.  Competing in games is also a choice.  We’re just human beings that make choices.  Let’s choose a new way of competing!

The video below are all of countries with good relations.  That is also a choice.







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