About Us


Saying that you want to change the world is admirable.   However, how many of us have specific solutions for today’s biggest challenges?

EARTHPOSSIBLE.COM  is the place to post those specific solutions.  Future generations need to read your ideas!

I created this site for a specific reason.  I noticed that the majority of news websites focused on the world’s problems and challenges.  The rest focus on positive news.  Our articles are uplifting yet they are not simply positive stories.  Earth Possible focuses on solutions only.  

For example.  Here is a video of a man that created a solution to one of the biggest problems on the planet today.  He invented a machine that converts plastic into oil.

The solutions to many of the world’s biggest problems already exist.  Earth Possible is the central place to find & post those solutions!

They can be your own personal solutions or a solution that you found on the internet.

Each solution doesn’t have to be perfect, whole or complete either.  Even figuring out just one vital aspect of a giant problem could have colossal value.

Everybody says that they want to “change the world” or “make the world a better place.”  That’s great but what future generations need are specific ideas that will bring results.

Post your ideas!